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Collaboration And Back of Stage

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Let me take the time to explain what I do on a collaboration and my opinion about the work style.

As we all now publicity and great picture is the main focus for a collaboration. Having a good portfolio is the first step to help you to grow and get to your gold. I also give you the secret of more people you meet more your have content.

Step by step how to create a collaboration.

Did you design on your head what you want to promote ? If you didn't start by choosing the look you would like to do or the trend you get inspired with. That can just be a basic look to jump in .

Now you can find other people who are looking to build a portfolio

Be courageous and go true social media to find model , photographer , hair stylist , if needed a location .

You don't need to be shy because those people are also looking for the same gold as you. After you did find those person you can make sure every one will be on time at the same location and let them also know what you are looking as a final result. They should understand you vision and the type of picture you will have at the end. Make sure to also have every one Social media name to tag them on your the post . That will give credit to each one !

Get Inspired

Get inspired and create your one contente. Good luck!

Thank you to ...

Hair stylist HairbyElife

Photographer Lunaweddingsphotography

Model Itsbrookiiee

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