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Wedding Makeup Advice

How to choose a good Makeup look for your face and a good makeup artist ?!

If I do have to give a an advices about the perfect makeup look for the most important day of your life , your dream day since little girl .

I will tell you to choose a makeup artist than you can see the previous work.

Then you should book an appointment to do a trial and make your decision. It always better if the artist had a previous contact with your skin. That will make you comfortable because you will already talk to here and have the occasion to see her work. You will get the chance to make discuss the product and show the picture you find.

Must of the time the picture we have on our head is not he same when it come to your face. That can be because of the shape of your eyes or just because it doesn't go to you.

This is why a suggest to follow the tips I am giving to you on the bottom.

If you like to be organize you should follow this ;

1. Go online an choose couple makeup look.

2. Find a makeup artist that can give you the services.

3. Book an appointment with the artist to do a trial.

4. Than make your decision for THE DAYS.

This is the best advices I can give to all the bride for the Makeup Application.

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